Nemo-Q on Demand Coffee Grinder


Nemo-Q on Demand Coffee Grinder


  • Electric Coffee Grinder on Demand
  • 54mm Flat Burrs Grind Coffee Beans directly into Porta Filter or Cup
  • Adjust Dose in Seconds Step by Step for Better Control of Grinding
  • Adjustment with Range 0.01mm/degree
  • Electronic Dose System with Automatic or Manual Settings for Single and Double Doses
  • Universal Filter Holder with Adjustable Height Control and an Automatic Portafilter Locking System

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Easy to Use Stepped Grinder Adjustment

Impressive to beginners and pros alike, this high-precision Nemo Q/E Coffee Grinder with easy to adjust stepped grinding regulation features a hundredth of a millimetre grind adjustment with a clear visual guide on the ring nut.

Simply turn the ring when the coffee grinder is ‘on’ and the burrs are in motion to match your brewing method and further refine it within that range to match the kind of coffee beans you’re using. Once you have found the perfect grind for your favourite coffee blend there is normally no need to change it.

If your coffee doesn’t taste quite right, a small adjustment to the grind setting may be able to improve flavour richness or balance. Essentially, over-extraction occurs when you pull too much out from the grounds and bitter compounds overshadow the crisp acids, sugars, and aromatic notes resulting in coffee that’s weak, dull and bitter. Using a coarser grind setting will allow the water to extract a little less from the grounds to bring back balance.

Conversely, under-extraction takes place when you don’t pull enough from the grounds and the acids overpower the taste resulting in coffee that’s too concentrated, sour, and has a very harsh tang. Using a finer grind setting will cause the grounds to extract a little faster so that the crisp acidity is balanced out by sweet and pleasant low notes.


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