Our Story and Wholesale Supply

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How it all started

My wife and I bought 'Rolf' our 1976 VW Bay Window Campervan in May 2007 and started our travels around Europe and North Africa for 4 months. On our return and after a number of jobs, in the cycling industry, working as a fish and cheese monger, I finally settled on a job in coffee setting up Hermitage Road in Hitchin which was quickly named by The Independent as one of the top 50 coffee shops in the country.
Following this I wanted to develop my knowledge and vision, delving deeper into the industry so I established Campervan Coffee Co in 2015 using ``Rolf`` to go to street food markets and introduce speciality coffee to the high street. Whilst doing this I bought a small coffee roaster and started my exploration into speciality coffee.
We now supply all aspects of the hospitality industry from coffee shops to fine dining restaurants, businesses and hotels. The roastery is now based just 30 minutes from London and Cambridge in a converted barn where we roast coffee, provide barista training and have espresso machines to try before you commit to partnering with us.

Our Passion For Great Coffee

We are passionate about our coffee, from where the beans are sourced to how they are roasted, made into coffee and served. Our curiosity and drive to keep learning about new blends and roasts inspires us to improve our knowledge through continuously roasting, tasting and testing.
If you are unsure exactly what sort of blend would suit your customers, then you can rely on our knowledge and experience to bring you the correct selection and balance of beans most suited for your commercial use.
So, whether you want to create an irresistible coffee aroma to awaken your overnight guests, deliver a refreshing zing to customers on the morning commute, or you want to lock in your evening diner's loyalty with a rich and smooth after-dinner coffee experience, get in touch with us to get started on your coffee journey.

Conti Espresso Machines

and barista training
Helping your staff to become confident Baristas, making your business stand out from the competition.

why choose campervan coffee co

We take great pride in what we do. We believe that perfectly roasted coffee is the backbone of every great cup, combined with your favourite way to brew and how you like to drink it.
Every batch of coffee we produce is carefully roasted, trying different profiles until we find the one that highlights the quality of the beans. Tasting and assessing each blend, grind size and extraction times to achieve the best balance of flavour possible.
We offer our coffee wholesale, retail and through our online shop for your convenience. We are here to equip, supply and support coffee shops and hospitality businesses with the right machinery and delicious coffee beans.
If you are in the process of opening a café or looking into alternative roasters, we can advise, supply and install your espresso machine and grinders. We offer a complete coffee bar set up and barista training.
No matter whether you are a café, coffee shop, restaurant, pub, B&B, business or hotel we have a range of products from house blends to an ever-changing selection of single-origin coffees, so however you or your customers like to drink your coffee, we have the right coffee for you, please just send a message and we can start talking over your coffee shop plans.