Brazil (Swiss Water) Decaff

Brazil (Swiss Water) Decaff

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Tasting Notes: A delicious decaffeinated option, full of Honeycomb, Toffee with a lasting taste of cacao

Roast/Strength: oooOo

Brew Recipe: Espresso: 16-18g coffee for a 40ml shot, extracted in 28 – 34 seconds / Filter: 65-70g coffee per litre of water, brewed for 3-4 mins

Rest Time: Filter 4 days | Espresso 7 days from roast date
This coffee may be rested prior to dispatch

Roast Days: Orders are roasted and despatched Monday to Wednesday. All orders placed after 10am on Wednesday will be roasted and despatched the following week.

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Origin: Brazil
Producer: Swiss Water Decaffeinated
Process: Natural
Altitude: 900 – 1100m
Flavour: Caramelized, Chocolate
Species: Coffea Arabica
SCA score: 82.5

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai

The Swiss Water process is an organic, 100% chemical-free option for decaffeination. It was discovered in the 1930s in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and is commercialised by the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company Inc, founded in 1988.

This method does not require the addition of chemicals, instead relying on a super saturated green coffee solution called Green Coffee Extract (GCE).

To decaffeinate coffee, fresh GCE is introduced to a batch of green coffee. As the GCE is already saturated with all the water-soluble compounds found in green coffee, minus the caffeine, the matching molecules won’t diffuse out of the coffee beans—but the caffeine will. The flavour is retained in the beans while the caffeine is removed.


Thanks to some scientific smarts and creativity, it’s possible to have decaf coffee that tastes the same – just without the caffeine!

2 reviews for Brazil (Swiss Water) Decaff

  1. Samantha McCormack

    This is the first time I’ve tried decaffeinated ground coffee and wow it’s good , with very little on the market for decaf coffee drinkers this will now be my go to coffee every time , the taste and smell is amazing thanks so much

  2. donna (verified owner)

    This decaf coffee is amazing. I had it at a restaurant, I thought it was so much better than anything I’d had before, I asked where they got it from, so now it’s the only decaf coffee I will have. It knocks spots off anything else. I was using a different decaf ground coffee before.

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