1kg Type25 Coffee Subscription

1kg Type25 Coffee Subscription


1kg bag of coffee, every month for a year for just one payment!

Subscribe and let us take care of you. We’ll ship you one kilo bag of our Type25 Blend every month for 12 months before you need to renew your subscription. This choice is great if you like a coffee with flavours of Seville orange to start, going into milk chocolate with a long caramel finish and always want to know what you are getting each month.

For reference a 1kg bag of coffee will make about:

55 – 18g double espresso shots

71 – 1 cup v60’s or aeropress brews (14g)

16 full 1L cafetieres (60g)

We will send you a kilo of freshly roasted handcrafted coffee straight to your doorstep or place of work, shipped out to you by Royal Mail on the last week of the month by 2nd class post.

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