About Us

Who We Are

Based in the rolling hills of North Hertfordshire, we like to keep it simple, to create the best possible coffee experience by putting coffee and the needs of your customers at the heart of our business.

Established in 2011 we ethically source and freshly roast green coffee beans, selling to the public and to business throughout the UK. We have extensive knowledge of the hospitality, cafe and coffee industries and enjoy using this expertise by offering advice and training to improve the coffee experience for your customers. If you currently own a speciality coffee shop or are planning to open one please get in touch.


We are passionate about our coffee, how its made and served, by constantly roasting, tasting and testing we keep learning and improving our knowledge to bring you the correct selection of beans most suited for your commercial use.

We’re always interested to work with people with similar targets and passion in the hospitality industry, whether you are a café, coffee shop, restaurant, pub, business or hotel we have a range of products from house blends to an ever changing selection of single origin coffees, so whatever your requirements we have the right coffee for you.

Espresso Machines

We teamed up with Conti Espresso Machines who for 60 years have been manufacturing a range of espresso machines, supplying independent cafes, restaurants and multi nationals, their knowledge and technical department help us to provide a first class package from installation, to barista training, helping your staff to become confident Baristas, making your business stand out from the competition.

So, whether it’s creating that first impression during the morning commute, locking in consumer loyalty for repeat trade during the day or leaving that lasting flavour to end a great dining experience, Call us on 07977130214 to get started on your coffee journey