Indonesia Sulawesi Kalossi Benteng Alla


A deliciously strong coffee, an initial hit of brown sugar sweetness goes into rich flavours of dark chocolate. A long lasting flavour, little acidity, punchy as an espresso but cuts through milk beautifully.

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Origin: Indonesia

Owner: Sulawesi Kalossi Benteng Alla Coop

Varietal: Typica

Grade: G1

Certification: Conventional

Processing: Wet Processed

SCA: 86

Tasting Notes: Unique flavours with a distinct fruity aroma and hints of brown sugar. Sharp & sweet with a notes of cocoa. Medium acidity, level with a balanced body.

Roasters Notes: Roasted medium and dropped soon after 1st crack to keep a balance of acidity and depth of flavour


The Dutch brought coffee seeds of Typica variety from the island of Java to Indonesia, it turned out to be matched with the environment and coffee was developed in the Massenrempulu region which is now called the Enrekang The Enrekang also has some traditions that are still preserved to this day like Mindio Saluran Tallu which means respect for abundant water.

Commodity: Located at altitude of 700 – 2,000 masl with high rainfall and flanked by Saddang River and Mata Allo River, Enrekang is suitable for cultivating Arabica. In 2016 the coffee from Benteng Alla was the First Winner of the National Coffee Auction held by the Indonesian Speciality Coffee Association and won the award of “the best Coffee” at the coffee auction in Bali in 2016, and in 2014 Benteng Alla’s Coffee was the fourth winner of the national coffee auction held by Speciality Coffee Association of Indonesia.

Farmer: The number of Arabica coffee farmers consists of 62 farmer groups with land ownership of 0.5 – 1 Ha. The Benteng Alla Cooperative was established in 2000. To maintain quality, Benteng Alla centralises production and marketing in one door, participates in exhibitions and national coffee auctions. The Benteng Alla Cooperative also implemented the Coffee Learning Center program in the groups, the nursery and the integration of coffee with livestock as a model for the group.

Excellence: Since the Dutch era, coffee from Enrekang has been famous but with the name Toraja-Kalosi, although Enrekang coffee comes from a different area. Now coffee from Enrekang has become a single origin with a specific name such as Benteng Alla Coffee. Arabica coffee with its shiny yellowish green beans is a physical characteristic. Benteng Alla Arabica coffee flavour is also unique with its specific aroma of fruit and brown sugar, sharp, sweet with hints of cocoa. The acidity level is medium with a balanced body.


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